, like this elegant comb over. We recommend that you wear vintage cuts with a clean rasped face for the desired impact.

Curly Quiff Hair Designs

Unlike the common opinion, there are many ways to style men’s hair. Quiff is one of those medium-length men’s hair types that fits almost everybody. Add a sleek face, a pompadour, or even an afro. Just a word about this haircut is that the straight line will begin to blur and change form as hair grows back in. This can make new growth even more noticeable than a normal hairline can allow. However, it’s not a big deal. Keep it fresh with a traditional visit to the barber or, if you wish, save some money by using clippers

Afro Shape Up Haircut Disconnected

Would you like to have your Afro reserved for a certain area? Of you can distinguish it from the rest of your hairstyle with a shape up if you only want a shorter afro on the crown of your head. With clarity and contrast, the sharp hairline produced by the edge up haircut will enrich your hairstyle.

Oberyn Martell Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

Short and Spiky

If you don’t enough time to take care of your haircut, just ask your barber for a short, spiky hairstyle that takes care of yourself mostly. You just need some hairspray.


QuestLove we all know and love. If not for his music, then certainly on the Jimmy Fallon show his musical sidekick role. We love his eccentric hairstyle as well, with the surprised afro full of teasing comb inside.
< Up

No matter what you call it, the line-up is a fresh hairstyle hell. The line up creates a picture-perfect hairline, also referred to as the temp fade, shape up, or box fade. The sharp angles on the sides and back contrast extremely well with the sleek fade.


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