Brad Pitt

He didn’t play around when this star decided that he wanted to ride a goat. For this particular Brad Pitt showed some real love for this a medium-length goatee adorned here and there with some of his natural gray hairs.

Mohawk Fade Taper

Bad boys definitely enjoy the Mohawk fade taper. It’s a pretentious haircut as it requires constant trimming and shaping, but it helps you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a nod to the amazing s.

Messy Tapered Hair with Faded Sides

The Quiff is a men’s cut that works on any type of hair as it may be common to have more or less on top. This haircut assumes maximum styling capacity in many different ways.

Brushed Up Haircut

This is a trendy time for us, a world full of styles, style and grace. Be extremely popular with the haircut that has been brushed up. Make sure your hair is brushed straight up so it looks very thick and voluminous.

Flat top with mid-fade

One of the best curly hair options is a smooth mid-fade and short flat top. You can certainly use a flat top to your benefit if you have a receding hairline.

With setting or styling spray, you can keep your hair curly and bushy on top and style the bottom of the Mohawk to make it straight and sturdy enough to hold the rest. Most guys just put the gel over the hair and style it upright before using a setting spray, but you need to make your base thicker and narrower to the rim. Through moving the hair off the sides and setting it upright, you can do this using bobby pins that you hold along the sides to create a solid frame. You can use black or clear banana clips or rubber bands to keep your hair straight for guys with thicker hair.Short hair for men is the go-to for the average Joe. In a nutshell, apart from the occasional haircut, they do not need any effort at all to deal with it.

Blowout Taper Cut Styles

Big afros and taper haircuts fade easily. It’s another cool haircut taper that deserves an opportunity. Blowouts have been common in the s, made a comeback in the s, and in the s seem to be back on track.

Pulled Back Braids Hairstyles

Rapper Asap rocky is not only known for his songs, but also for his original braided hairstyle. Also, depending on how long they are, he pulls his braids back into tiny ponytails or buns. If you tend to wear braids, you will adopt his style.

Best Hard Part Haircuts

Here are 2019’s best hard part men’s haircuts. If you want to see how you want line to look, you’ll be influenced by these cuts and designs. We’ve also included some amazing haircuts with lines on the sides to give you the option to be creative with your hard part, especially if you want the hardline to be somewhere other than the natural part of your hair.

Side Slicked Caesar

Would you like to rock a Caesar cut like a gentleman? Get your comb ready and hair product of your choice and start combing your strands to the side. Please note that your hair will need to be at least one inch long to get these results.

Side Slicked Hard Part Haircut

You can appreciate a side-slicked hard part hairstyle in this photo, with locks not too short but not too long either. The effect is an easy-to-maintain and tasteful haircut.

Jeff Bridges Medium Hairstyle Length

A shaved over loose hair made even better by a touch of natural charm, and you get the perfect look. See how fine this hairstyle looks for Jeff Bridges?Welcome to

Low Tape Up with Textured Spiky Hair

Platinum Blonde Zac Efron Haircut

Welcome to MenHairstylesWorld’s

ong Sides, It can be as long or as short as you like in the back. The sides aren’t shaved like they are so often with a pompadour, but to build the pump effect, they get slicked back too.

Slick Back

It is a bald maneuver to match the slick back with a bald fade. Another purposeful joke. It’s not easy to pull off the look, particularly if you have a retreating hairline or a bald patch end. Now, he can make you look like a million bucks if you have a great hairstylist.

Short hair and spiky haircut

Short spiky hair always looks good. If you want a more prominent modern hairstyle, just make sure to add some highlights.

Short Pompadour

Are you really in a discreet and seamless fashion, but still keen to be on the trend? Successfully the long pompadour enlivens the dull commonality of the short hairstyles of men. Remember, however, that a large amount of hair styling items will need to be added to set the medium pump properly.

Curly Hair Taper

This is a very high afro with a fading temple that lengthens your head and emphasizes your jawline. In case you need them, it will also add a few inches to your height. But the most important thing about it all is that it’s a very chic and trendy haircut, no matter what. E12.12.1836.jpg />

Comb Over And Beard

is an elegant hairdo that has been a favorite of older men a while. It is the ideal choice for special events such as weddings. Brush your hair on the back but leave this messy and natural. Replace it with pomade.

Not a question! Use a specified faded hairstyle to accentuate your curls. This curly low hairstyle looks so amazing.

Fresh Ideas For Medium Fade Haircuts And Hairstyles

Now is the time to be inspired by the mid-fade haircuts that elegant men are sporting today! Ready to copy the new, functional concepts.

Low Man Bun

This bun style is a great alternative to the classic man bun. In the low man bun, the bun remains at the neck’s nape. It looks great for casual and informal events. As you can see, you’re going to to use copious amounts of the material to get the perfect thing to do. Recall telling your barber to shave your sides and back cleanly. If not, you’re going to overdo it. Maintenance is important here.

Long Mature Hairstyles

The texture trend works for all hair sizes, from short to medium to long. Long hair goes from bland to elegant with a guaranteed success with the right styling technique to make you look younger.

Hard part hairstyle

on the sides. The hard part line is so well established that your black baby boy is sure to get the right attention.

The haircut waves are a common and fashionable way to cut a buzz. Many guys pair a fade with waves, though for black men to get there are many different types of waves hairstyles. By using …

The Chadwick Boseman

If a short afro is good enough for the King of Wakanda, it will be good enough for as a summer hairstyle on any day of the week. In a black and white hoola suit, Chadwick Boseman poses here.

Layered Caesar Haircut

Although this example is not as textured as other layered models on our list, it goes to show that you can never go wrong with a layered Caesar haircut. Try to look flat and layer the rest of the top. You don’t have to freak out if you find yourself with unprecedented hair. Yeah, you should be grateful that more than ever your Viking beard would out.

Dyed hair

More and more men say yes to dyed hair these days. With so many inventions at hand, most hair colors do not cause any form of hair irreparable damage.’s trending content!A condition for this haircut is that there should be no fade in the bottom half. In other words, a short haircut, not tapered, should be the lower part. If you want, you can choose a two, a three, or even a smooth shave, as long as it is on all sides. Here’s one for afro-texture:

Textured Pompadour + Hair Design

Burst Fade Top Knot Men

As the name suggests, the haircut features a fade from the ear area which bursts. You will need to use a clipper guard combination to get it (#, #, #, #, and #), so we strongly encourage you to work with a professional barber.


and a smooth undercut, all neatly cut.

Curly Hair Crop, Nearly Undercut

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Look at this disgusting pompadour! Because of such details as undercut and shaved ears, this is no longer an old-fashioned hairstyle, but a modern trend. Such a haircut among trendy guys is an absolute champion who wants to look messy. See the pictures and be encouraged by the dramatic changes!

Classic Smooth Ivy League

The front volume is the key element of this incredible haircut for anyone with a slightly longer hair.

Best Brush Over Fade Hairstyles

In the end, the taper fade brush over haircut is best suited for modern man, offering one of the coolest men’s hairstyles for any face or hair form. For some ideas on how to style your hair, check out these famous combovers.

Shaggy Hairstyles

Another big hair trend for guys this year is shaggy hair. Although it was a staple in the s, all know that trends can come back after a few decades.

Small Afro Caesar Haircut

Would you like to take off a combover like that of Bradley Cooper? See more of this combover!

Traditional Pompadour Hairstyle

When thinking about an era-specific haircut, it is only natural that we should visit the roots. This needs an accurate representation of the retro times this reflects as far as the classic pompadour hairstyles are concerned. If you are looking for inspiration in this direction, use this example.


Perhaps Chris wanted to go for a curly hairstyle after attempting so many Braiding his little curly hair, he made a cute hairstyle for himself. Let’s look at it. Chris Brown allowed his natural curl to provide a shape for the center stripe, without using any products to keep his hair in place. The bun will not be too small or too large in this case, and you will not have too much trouble handling it either.

Long Comb Over

Justin also had a bit of a buzz cut. He enjoyed cutting all his hair really short, but he never gave up his blonde platinum signature shade which makes him look so unique to us. Since the s was marked by the Golden Age of Hollywood, you can only imagine how much of an influence actors had on the patterns of the moment.

Two braids

on temple with dreaded hair is great for you if you prefer to look for a non-trivial hair look for yourself! Temp fades are a classic style by themselves, and the criss-cross dreadlocks only add the perfect charm to it! Only try it out and you’ll be shocked at what it’s going to do for your looks.

Cool Short Haircuts For Men

Our cool men’s short hairstyles gallery contains cutting and shaping for each hair type and texture. Here are the new awesome trends in 2019 including curly, thin, and straight hair.

Buzz Cut

The sexy and manly look that this style offers some of Hollywood’s favorite actors should be justification enough for you to be persuaded that you are going for this one. If faced with a backtracking hairline, the buzz cut is one of the best bets for hairstyles. This softens the hairline’s presence and also makes you look very good. Remember, if there’s ever a hairstyle that needs no upkeep, that’s it. Now, in a picture, that’s all you want, right?

Best Short Fohawks For Women

Men’s best short fake hawks!

Men’s short haircuts remain popular and stylish. Because the short hairstyles of the best men are easy cut, easy to style, and low-maintenance to maintain, guys love short haircut styles. …

The Messy Side Comb

The messy side comb, recognised as one of Justin’s best cuts, is a great look for an adventurous artist. We like that his sleek side is brought out by the classic hand, while his messy long fading sides give the look a touch of rebellion.

How to Cut a Taper Fade Mohawk

This video not only shows how to make thetaper fadeMohican, but also how to cut your own hair. Cutting your hair on your own gives you the freedom to change your Mohawk

Super Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Eventually, we’re going to leave you with a blonde hairstyle that will surely turn your heads. The solution is simple: just let your hair grow as long as possible and trim the tips periodically. The highlight of this theme is the goatee-styled bushy Van Dyke, much more messy than usually would be.

Medium-length Tousled Quiff

Waves Textured Haircut

Waves haircut is one of the best searches for men with afro-textured hair. Often known as dark waves or waves, the hair

Crew Cut Fade

As you may now think most haircuts are short. This is because when you have issues with ebbing hairline, they look better than long hair. Just a proof of that fact is how fantastic this style looks. The cut is clean, low the factor of maintenance, and will not affect your appearance. If you have great facial features such as straight jaws and well-structured nose, this one is really helpful. Short hair length brings these characteristics out perfectly.

Good Asian Goat Style

Disconnected Undercut

This is another flexible soccer player look that can charm anybody you want to impress. It exudes a slight machismo, combined with the mustache, which is both charming and completely attentive.

New Hairstyles

> Skin Fade

Skin fade haircut is identical to the aforementioned taper fade hairstyle except that the hair is rasped right below the skin. For beaded guys, we suggest that you shave your facial hair to the same length as your hair on top.

Fauxhawk Fade

Only a couple of rare and daring bearded men can rock. And the fauxhawk fade is the greatest and most sought-after one out there. The fauxhawk fade resembles a Mohawk look, although this one is much better. Just remember to let the hair on the top of your head grow while maintaining a short fade on the sides. For full control and styling choice, this barber grade pomade offers the highest degree of lock. The firm hold is strong, but the material is water-based and easy to rinse and remove. For those who want a lower shine finish, this is the perfect pomade to curly hair. Imperial Classic pomade works well in creating a healthy, non-greasy and sticky shine.

Dreads with Blonde Tips

Go for this chic taper hairdo paired with dreads with blonde tips if you want to a younger look. Make sure a part of your hair is stylized and add a hard part that goes around so it can section and highlight the on top.

Tapered Sides

Curly Textured Fohawk

Nothing is equal to a hairstyle textured. This makes every sort of hair look bright and natural and can go a long way with an elegant hairdo. If you’re the kind of man who likes to look sharp no matter what, go for a curly textured fohawk.


This an extraordinary undercut for Asian guys, which is also very elegant and nonchalant at the same time. It’s great for men with wavy hair to the rest of the quiff, but it’s necessary to have a nice flow in the hairstyle.

Shaved Design

Slicked Back Hair with High Skin Fade

< Tattoos

Hair designs are also referred to as hair tattoos, especially when done in a taper fade that fades into a bald fade. You can either choose a minimal design like this star or go for a more bombastic design.

Puffy Undercut

There are countless benefits for men from undercut hairstyle. Just another example is that both puffy hair and fine strands can be worn. In this scenario, instead of trying to hide it, we suggest that you leave the top neatly clipped and embrace your frizzier texture.
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Undercut with Long Textured Hair at the top

Cute Toddler Mohawk Haircut

Traditional mohawk does not require full-shaved sides. Toddlers will wear trendy forms of mohawk styles with spiky hair on top and short or tapered sides. This fohawk hairstyle may be ideal given that most moms don’t want to shave that soft baby hair.


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