Messy Wavy Hairstyle

For young men, the messy waves look so cool and sexy that this look is never out of style. The style is also really easy to create. You need a medium hair length with the sides shorter than the middle hair. If you can get some scanning highlights done on your hair, it’s best to make the fashion quotient higher. The final step is to gently mess the hair with your hands. For this one, you don’t need to brush your hair.

The Ivy League Haircut

This style bears its name because boys attending Ivy League colleges have traditionally worn it. In addition, it allows the face to breathe and the onlooker’s eye to rest instead of your hair on your facial features. With a square and flat jawline, straight cut bangs pair up perfectly.

Mustache Handlebar Styles with Beards

The infamous mustache handlebar is as beautiful alone as it is when paired with a beard. If you decide to grow a beard to supplement it, you need to be aware of the extra time and energy needed to keep it. But if you’re up to the challenge, in the end you’re going to look amazing.

Slicked Back Undercut

The undercut is rightly considered to be one of the most elegant and versatile haircuts for men. It has many advantages, but it can look even better with sliced-back hair. Underneath, however, you can see how you can sport and get this look even if you start from a base of short hair.If you have a fade haircut, it may be best to create the same gradual creation of your chin strap beard. Given that the fade hairstyle cancels the sideburns, you’re going to want to start at the top with a soft gradient and work your way down to a thicker chin strap.

Sleek Mid Fade Hairdo

This sleek mid-fade haircut is the way to go if you like a more polished look. The trendy hairdo looks beautiful, particularly given the layers that begin at the front hairline and end in the back all the way.


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